I initiate, catalyse, design and deliver creative and environmental arts projects, events and gatherings.

This includes residencies, commissions, activism, education and projects across disciplines. It embodies all aspects of project
co-ordination, mentoring, advisory and research. I am committed to sustainability, collaboration, co-operation and action.

I work in the visual arts,installation, dance/movement, performance, film and words and have exhibited, performed and undertaken residencies in UK, Europe and Asia. I have set up a number of longer term cross-disciplinary projects in the UK.

I draw inspiration from the cycles of nature and seasons; permaculture (learning from natural systems); environmental and ecological concerns or questions and listening and responding to people, landscapes and particular sites (urban or rural). I am motivated to work with others to reduce the harm we are inflicting on our planet; to increase understanding of our place in the family of things and to bring to life positive visions now and for the future.

Here is Wayne Hill writer & associate editor Performance Research describes my practice:

Anne-Marie creates work that encourages people to sense again their own intuitions. She knows that forces shaping contemporary culture subvert or distort important human impulses towards generosity, gratitude and celebration. Her work draws those latent instincts into action, through projects that alongside their aesthetic power offer different ways of being in the world. This demands of her, in addition to being a visual artist and maker, that she must be a choreographer, creating scores and situations for sometimes large numbers of people to live in often over extended durations. Her work is necessarily communal – a word that describes her relationships with her audiences, associates, and human and non-human collaborators. Part of her gift as an artist lies in her ability to welcome others into the work. She brings people together into affirmative ways of living by setting in motion dynamic frames of ecology and connection.

Search the projects page for detail on specific projects. These are displayed roughly in date order starting with the most recent. Further information on exhibitions, education, teaching etc. can be found on my CV.

Awards include: Observer Ethical Award Grassroots category 2010 for Abundance Network; Guardian University Award 2014 Sustainability Project Eat Your Campus; Independent on Sunday Happy List 2012

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get in touch:
Email: mail at amculhane dot co dot uk
Phone: 0784 9073394

Some of the people I have been fortunate enough to work with over the past few years include:

Paul Conneally; Jo Salter; Bob Levene; Miriam Keye; Ruth Ben-Tovim; Encounters Arts; Jo Dacombe; Ruth Nutter; Tess Wilmot; Lucy Neal; Dougald Hine; Peter Herring; Kim-Ho Ip; Merav Israel; Wayne Hill; Fitzwilliam Quartet; Emilio Nu; Shelley Castle; Alec Finlay.

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