Campus Almanac

In 2014 I embarked on a project working with Arts & Culture, Kaleider and CCANW (Soil Cultures residency) on Streatham Campus, Exeter University. I’ve been spending time getting to know the campus in different ways and connecting to the different communities on campus, blogging through the calendar year and creating pilot public events responding to the seasons.

The events were Field Sensing – One to One Walks over two days & an early morning event followed by a shared breakfast and Singing to the Trees – A Wassail for 2015 in collaboration with James Crowden (poet) and Tim Hill (musician). This included the creation of a new Wassail song which was informed by interviews with orchard holders and orchard experts about predicted and observed changes in orchards in response to climate change.  I also created a wassail bowl for the event from a recently felled cherry tree on campus working with wood turner John Fells. The Wassail which took place at Exeter Community Orchard (on campus) and Devonshire Place Community Orchard was attended by 70+ people including students, staff, local people and families. Please click here for project blog and the new Wassail.