Ear to the Ground

What do you hear when you press your ear to
the ground?

I am inviting a number of artists to respond to the following task. Please contact me if you would like to take part.

Take the time to lie down on the earth before responding.

You can send your response in any format or combination of formats (ie MP3, text, image)

Please say when and where your listening
took place.

In the beginning, the god who made all things took the beating heart of a young reindeer and set it at the centre of the earth. The rhythm of this heart was the rhythm of the world, the pulse of life, the source of all being. When times are difficult, people only have to press their ears to the ground and listen: if they hear the beat of the reindeer’s heart, all will be well, they will emerge from hard times. If they do not, they are in peril. - Adapted extract of a Sami Myth collected by Harald Gaski – Sami writer and activist

Please click on the artist's name to experience their response

Wayne Hill

Karen Howse Jez Riley-French
Ruth Ben-Tovim David Alesworth Miriam Keye
Georgiana Keable Huma Mulji Laura Wild
Stella Azzurra Steph Wehowski